Students given tips for uni trip

Students given tips for uni trip

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has offered tips on packing for the drive to university, with chief examiner Peter Rodger urging students not to pile items up in the back of their car.

Heavy belongings should be packed in the boot but he stresses the importance of having a clear view through the rear window.

Rodger warned motorists that a full car equals extra weight which in turn drains fuel quicker, meaning the fuel gauge should be monitored carefully, while tyres typically need to be pumped up.

Drivers have been told to pack items securely as they could be distracting if they become loose. They could also hit people in the front of the car.

Rodger has advised students to pack so everybody in the car is comfortable. People become stressed when they feel cramped, which could mean a long and unpleasant journey.

"It's that time of year when the younger generations pack up their study books and head out on the journey back to university after the summer," said Rodger.

"If you're getting there by car, make sure you don't overload your vehicle - you can always make another trip home after a couple of weeks if needs be (what better excuse to get a home cooked meal!)."

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