Strong winds cause road chaos in Northern Britain

Strong winds cause road chaos in Northern Britain
A 93mph gust of wind recorded in South Yorkshire is among the extreme examples of severe weather gripping the UK and creating hazardous driving conditions for many.

As advised by the RAC on Tuesday drivers have had to prepare for and cope with challenging winter weather, with road closures and power cuts among the more dramatic victims of the high winds.

The Met Office had issued severe weather warnings of wind and snow for Wednesday across the North of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. While the huge 93mph wind was recorded in High Bradfield, other readings of 77mph and 73mph were also logged on the Scottish isles of Tiree and South Uist.

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Road closures are in effect, perhaps most notably near Edinburgh where the Forth Road Bridge was shut in both directions following a lorry being blown over. No one was injured but the closure was expected to remain in place for some time with recovery efforts impeded by the winds.

In Newcastle city centre, Newgate Street remains closed after part of the roof of Debenhams in the Eldon Square shopping centre was torn off by heavy gusts.

Police and Fire services across Yorkshire have also reported several incidents involving fallen trees, road closures and damage to properties.

Several inches of snow could settle on higher ground in parts of Scotland, while lower areas will receive a dusting.

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Areas of mainland Scotland and North East England reported power cuts overnight, with Northern Powergrid responding to 545 customers without power on Wednesday morning.

The Energy Networks Association has reminded people in England, Scotland and Wales that they can call 105 – the new, free national phone line – if the weather damages their local power network and affects their electricity supply.

Craig Snell, the forecaster, has warned that anticipated snowfall has the potential to lead to “dangerous” conditions on the roads, while strong winds have already caused bridge closures and lorry buffeting.

There is also a chance of thunder and lightning, which could further disrupt the power supply and bring so-called ‘thundersnow’.

Here is the advice from RAC weather spokesman, Rod Dennis.

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