Strong winds blow roof onto cars

Workers at a bakery firm may be putting in rather unusual

CCTV footage of the dramatic incident has been released by Bako Northern which shows the high winds causing a row of units in Langley Moor, County Durham, to come down.

No-one was injured following the collapse, but the roof was blown into the bakery ingredients distributor's car park, crushing 15 vehicles.

Group operations manager Sean Kelly said: "It was extremely lucky for us, all our drivers were out, there were no contractors or visitors.

"There was nobody hit by a flying brick, though debris was strewn across the yard."

In the footage, the company's transport manager can be seen holding his head in disbelief over what has happened to the cars of some of the 76 workers employed by the firm.

Following the incident, he immediately contacted Mr Kelly, who is in charge of health and safety at Bako.

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