Storms may cause travel disruption

Storms may cause travel disruption

Drivers are being urged to take extra care over the next couple of days as heavy rain and high wind batters parts of Britain.

Weather forecasters are warning that 70mph gusts could be on the cards in some exposed areas, and high ground in northern and western Scotland, Wales, north-west England and the east of Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, people in the south-west of England are being warned to brace themselves for wind speeds of up to 60mph.

The Met Office, which has issued several severe weather warnings, predicts the stormy weather will head westwards across the country during the course of Monday.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "We strongly urge motorists to exercise extra caution in the rain by leaving more time for their journeys, leaving more distance behind the car in front and reducing their speed.

"Should floods form on the road please don't be tempted to try to drive through unless you are completely certain the water is shallow enough to do so. Driving through floodwater can cause catastrophic engine damage and heavy rainfall presents added challenges to motorists so it's important to adjust your driving accordingly."

Up to two inches of rain is expected to fall on some areas of Northern Ireland while severe gales could affect some exposed coastal areas and high ground in northern and western parts of the country.

The Met Office says travel disruption is possible and is warning motorists to expect reduced visibility from the heavy rain and spray as well as standing water on some road surfaces.

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