Stormont probe into insurance costs

Stormont MLAs are launching an investigation into insurance costs in Northern Ireland which are higher than in any other region in the UK.

Motorists in Northern Ireland are paying, on average, 84% more for a car insurance policy than people elsewhere in the country, according to the Consumer Council.

Last year, it found that the cost of car, contents and building insurance for households in the region was 40% more than the average.

Insurers cite factors such as high cost of claims on injuries, such as neck injuries, in Northern Ireland for the higher premiums.

Sinn Fein MLA and Stormont Finance Committee member Mitchel McLaughlin, who proposed the investigation, said: "The industry seem to be playing fast and loose."

"It is not as they (insurers) used to explain the problem of them in Britain having a bias and discriminating against people here; there's been an exploitation of that kind of information deficit by the operators here."

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