Storm warning for weekend drivers

Weekend drivers may face lashing rain and winds strong enough to strew branches across roads, according to forecasts from Meteogroup UK.

Spokesman Stephen Davenport has warned that a storm developing off the west coast is being fed by warm autumn seas. He said: "It is pretty filthy already, and will only get worse."

He explained there will be a gradual build-up, with 70mph winds being felt in the South West in the early hours of Saturday before the storm shifts north-eastwards.

Mr Davenport advised anyone planning Saturday shopping trips and days out to postpone them and stay indoors as the winds will be strong enough to cause damage.

The storm will be the worst of the year so far. It may let up on Sunday, but is due to give us another battering on Monday, posing the risk of disruption to the return to work after the weekend.

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