Stop elderly from driving, say 24%

Three-fifths of UK motorists would support moves to force drivers to stop using their cars at some point in later life, amid concerns that not all older people can drive safely.

And almost a quarter (24%) think that by the age of 75, 70 or even younger, motorists should be made to give up their driving licences.

Meanwhile 85% believed that re-testing should be compulsory - some 40% of these thought this should take place at age 65 or younger.

The survey of 1,005 adults also found that just under 70% would support lower car tax and car insurance payments for older drivers who had proven they were safe behind the wheel and drove less often.

As it stands, drivers are not required to stop driving or re-take their driving test at any age.

Drivers are, however, required to complete a medical questionnaire to confirm they are fit to drive, and must re-apply for their driving licence at the age of 70.

The poll by the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK) and insurance company Rias found 89% agreed that older drivers should obtain medical advice as part of the self-certification process.

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