Sticky mess for dishonest teacher

Sticky mess for dishonest teacher

A teacher from Greater Manchester was given a suspended prison sentence after her plan to get away with driving offences using stickers backfired.

Olivia Flood was caught speeding twice in 10 minutes in her Fiat Punto while driving in a 30mph zone.

She later used a rectangular tax disc holder, a tow bar holder, GB stickers and bumper stickers to try and fool DVLA officials.

The pregnant geography teacher feared she would be banned from the road, which would have meant she would have been unable to drive her students in a school minibus to a Duke of Edinburgh event in the Scottish capital. The actual punishment would have been six speeding points.

Flood was arrested and subsequently charged with perverting justice after officials realised the photographs she sent to the DVLA were part of a cover-up.

The 27-year-old, from Middleton, admitted the charge, which has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, at Manchester Crown Court. The judge sentenced Flood to six months in prison, suspended for 12 months.

The offence was described as "foolish and foolhardy".

In addition, Flood must carry out 80 hours unpaid work and pay £500 costs. She is expected to keep her job at Siddall Moor sports college in Rochdale.

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