Stay safe on the roads this autumn

Stay safe on the roads this autumn

Clearing your windscreens of condensation or ice before setting off is essential when driving in the wetter and cooler weather of autumn, says Britain's top advanced driver.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, recommends giving yourself extra time to ensure you can see though your windows clearly prior to any journey, even if it's just down the road.

He also urges extra caution on the road as patches of wet leaves can be just as dangerous as hitting standing water, so be sure to reduce speed before driving on them.

Certain checks that may seem trivial can ensure a smooth journey this autumn, such as making sure wiper blades are in good condition. If they squeak as they wipe, they more than likely need replacing.

Keeping a close eye on the car battery is also advised during September, October and November. Little things like ensuring the top of it is clean and dry and making sure the terminals are tight and free from corrosion can preventbreakdown .

In addition, drivers should turn their headlights on before sunset and keep them on for an hour after sunrise so that it's easier for others to see them in twilight.

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