Stay safe on the motorway this Christmas

Stay safe on the motorway this Christmas

Motorists planning on driving home for Christmas have been issued with valuable tips on how to stay extra safe on the motorway.

The advice comes from Peter Rodger, the chief examiner at the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Those undertaking long hauls are being urged to use a journey planner , watch the weather and take regular breaks - at least one every two hours - sharing the driving if possible.

And with many motorway fatalities involving a stationary vehicle, Mr Rodger is calling on people to make sure theirs are in good working order and have a full tank to avoid the risk of breaking down or running out of fuel.

The in-car temperature can be kept comfortable using the heating and air conditioning systems and visibility should be maximised by making sure windows and mirrors are clean and that lights and windscreen wipers are working properly.

Mr Rodger is asking drivers and motorcyclists to avoid travelling if they're too tired and to steer clear of alcohol if they're travelling later on.

Those breaking down on the motorway, he says, should pull over on to the hard shoulder, call their breakdown service, turn on their hazard lights and wait for help outside their vehicle, preferably behind a crash barrier.

Mr Rodger says while driving on the motorway motorists should keep an eye on the weather conditions and if the outside temperature begins falling, allow extra distance between themselves and the vehicle in front.

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