Stats suggest fall in drug-driving

Stats suggest fall in drug-driving

The amount of motorists admitting to drug-driving has halved in the last year, according to new figures.

A survey by the Office for National Statistics shows that 1% of people owned up to driving while under the influence of drugs in 2011/12, but this fell to 0.5% during 2012/13.

The ONS poll also showed that 6.4% of motorists admitted drink-driving at least once in 2012/13, compared with 7.4% in 2011/12.

The 25-29 age group is the most likely to drink drive, with 10% admitting to getting behind the wheel after a drink at least once in 2012/13. This is an increase from the 8.6% of 25-29 year-olds the year before.

Some 470 people were killed on Britain's roads during 2013's summer months between July and September. The figure is the same as summer 2012, however the number of people killed or seriously injured was down 3% to 6,520. Slight injuries fell 4% to 42,570.

The total number of car user and pedestrian casualties fell, although the number of motorcyclist and pedal cyclist casualties rose by 1% and 8% respectively, with a 1% increase in the number of motorcyclist KSIs and a 2% increase in pedal cyclist KSIs.

These increases were at least partly due to the unusually wet summer in 2013, according to The Department for Transport.

Total child KSIs fell 15%, while child pedestrian KSIs were down by 17%.

RAC technical director David Bizley said: "Despite traffic volumes increasing slightly both road accidents and casualties have dropped substantially in the 12 months to September 2013. The 7% drop in accidents of all severities meant there were 13,690 fewer casualties which is a significant number and a welcome continuation of the overall downward trend in the figures.

"However, the 8% quarter-on-quarter rise in cyclist casualties is very worrying, and together with the number of fatalities which occurred in London before Christmas will no doubt make for difficult reading when the full year statistics are published.

"This re-emphasises the need to maintain momentum on initiatives to ensure the safety of the ever-increasing number of people taking to two wheels."

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