Staff charged to park at offices

Staff charged to park at offices

Hundreds of workers employed by Imperial Tobacco in Nottingham now have to pay an annual tariff to park their cars at work.

The disgruntled workers are going to take industrial action at the end of the month in protest of the new fees.

The GMB, a national trade union, said its members employed by the tobacco company in Nottingham now face an annual bill of £288.

Rather than continue to pay the levy themselves for their staff to park outside of work free of charge, the company has passed on the cost of the levy to the city council, which is now carrying out the collection of the charges.

The workers will not work overtime from the end of the month and will work-to-rule for the first week in May, which means they will do the absolute minimum that their contract requires.

Chris Needham, a GMB trade union official, said: "If there is to be a workplace car parking levy, the employers should pay it.

"The council say they want to raise £14 million a year from this levy, which is a straightforward tax on jobs, whoever pays it."

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