St Helens 'best town for drivers'

St Helens and London are the UK's bookends of car friendliness, with the town snapping up the top spot and the capital unsurprisingly coming last.

A poll by Virgin Money scored the Merseyside town highly in the categories of petrol prices, parking costs and the number of speed cameras.

It was closely followed by Telford in Shropshire - which had taken first place for the past two years - in second, Blackburn in third, then Dudely and Derby.

A combination of traffic jams, a lack of car parks, soaring car crime and an estimated 600 speed cameras saw London stuck firmly in bottom place - a spot it has occupied for three years.

Other big offenders were Manchester, Reading, Glasgow and Watford.

More than 60 of the country's largest towns and cities were included in the survey.

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