Squirrels top bizarre windscreen damage list

Squirrels top bizarre windscreen damage list

What do quarrelling squirrels, an overweight uncle, a teddy bear and a "UFO" all have in common?

They were some of the more bizarre explanations given for cracked windscreens during the past year, according to Autoglass.

The most common reported causes for damage are somewhat less surprising, with road rubble, temperature changes and collisions with birds among the most popular reasons for chips or cracks.

But the firm has also compiled a list of the top 10 most weird and wacky customer claims, ranging from high-pitched noises to mysterious flying objects.

Other things that did not quite make the list but seemed to pose a particular threat to windscreens in the past year included rogue hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and kayaks.

Motorists are advised to take extra care with car windscreens and windows over the winter months. They can do this by warming them slowly, regularly topping up screen wash and replacing old wipers.

Ahead of the colder conditions setting in, Autoglass's managing director Taxiarchis Konstantopoulos is keen to remind drivers that windscreen damage can happen at any time - including in unexpected circumstances.

Every chip will eventually crack, he says, and with the windscreen accounting for up to 30% of a vehicle's structural integrity, he is warning how important it is to get windscreens replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Autoglass's top 10 wackiest excuses for windscreen damage over 2015 are:

1. Two quarrelling squirrels using conkers as ammunition

2. An elusive high-pitched noise that cracked the screen, set off car alarms, and even turned off a nearby television.

3. An airborne trampoline

4. A seemingly harmless teddy bear

5. An overweight uncle getting into the car

6. A donkey

7. A bow and arrow

8. A bee

9. What appeared to be a UFO

10. A kangaroo - in Australia

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