Squeezed families 'sell second car'

Hit by soaring motoring costs many cash-strapped households are cutting down their road journeys or selling their second cars, new research shows.

A YouGov survey shows 13% families in south-east England have sold their second cars to make savings on fuel andcar insurance so they can finance the running cost of the primary vehicle.

Families in the region also appear to be taking fewer leisure road trips, with more than half saying they now spend their weekends mostly at home instead of heading out to theme parks or other attractions.

The survey of 2,000 people across the UK also found that a quarter of parents hope to reduce their motoring budget from September by considering car share options.

Phil Jones, commercial director of Motors.co.uk, said the latest figures were "concrete evidence" of the sacrifices that motorists are being forced to make as they grapple with squeezed incomes and rising costs.

"Extracurricular activities, nursery places, family days out - the things we previously took for granted - are now seen as luxuries," he said.

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