Spiderman mends whatever a spider can

Spiderman mends whatever a spider can

Given the chance, more drivers in Britain would turn to Spiderman for roadside help than any other superhero, according to a surreal new survey.

Superman could only manage second in the IGW poll with 22 per cent of the votes, as it emerged the man of steel had first place stolen by Spidey who would be the ideal handyman of 24% of those surveyed.

Respondents were confident that the well-known web-shooter would be able fix their car or get them to safety quickly, presumably only when the world isn't in pressing danger.

Superman's ability to lift a car to a garage to be fixed makes him an obvious second choice but third place was a little harder to explain.

The accolade went to Bananaman, after being picked by 14 per cent, due to his entertaining side and tendency to always bring a bite to eat.

This left Batman and Robin in a surprisingly lowly fourth position, considering that they run the Batmobile - which never seems to spend long broken down despite the serious punishment it receives on the roads.

Leaving the caped crusader's endless gadgets sadly unused by all except the 10 per cent who chose him, fifth place went to Wonderwoman - for those who want to see a friendly face in their hour of need.

In descending order of popularity The Invisible Man, Catwoman, The Hulk and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles completed the top ten ... cowabunga.

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