Speedsters a danger on rural roads

A survey has revealed that just under half of all drivers overtook on rural roads at dangerous speeds last year.

Road safety charity Brake questioned 942 motorists, and the findings revealed some 47% drivers cross the speed limit of 60 mph while overtaking on single carriageway county roads.

Around one in four (23%) said they do it once every month.

The charity has urged the Government to take steps to keep tabs on irresponsible and speeding drivers.

It suggested the Government could reduce the default speed limit on single carriageway roads to 50mph or lower.

Brake added that speed limits on high-risk pathways should be lowered further.

Ellen Booth, Brake campaigns officer, said: "Drivers who overtake at speed on country roads aren't just risking their own lives - they are selfishly endangering their passengers and anyone coming the other way."

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