Speeding 'sparks most in-car spats'

Speeding leads to the most number of arguments between partners while in the car, new research has shown.

Tesco Cars, the online used car service, said more than a fifth (22%) of in-car fights between partners result from driving too fast or breaking speed limits.

A quarter of male drivers have cited driving beyond the speed limit as the most likely thing to trigger a fight, against 21% of women.

Other leading reasons for in-car disputes include taking the wrong path (18%), tailgating (13%) and parking (5%).

Unruly children in the back seats trigger a fight between 3.9% of couples.

The tendency to fight over speed limits is most rampant in the Midlands, where 55% of couples are likely to have an argument on the issue. In Greater London, the rate of in-car arguments over driving too fast is just 7%.

"Most couples will have argued about something in the car at one time or another. Given the potentially serious consequences of speeding, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that it is the chief cause of fights," said Rebecca Ryan, marketing manager of Tesco Cars.

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