Speeding poll sparks police plea

The RAC has called for increased police patrols across Northern Ireland after a new survey revealed one in seven motorists across the province regularly broke speed limits in built-up areas.

The new statistics from the Department of Environment showed thousands of drivers were still flouting the law despite a raft of hard-hitting advertising campaigns and toughened penalties.

RAC Foundation spokeswoman Jo Abbot said: "For us any casualty rate is unacceptably high. Whenever you have particularly young people killed or seriously injured on the roads in Northern Ireland one of the reasons for this is excessive speed.

"In Northern Ireland effective campaigns have been run and there is no excuse for people not knowing that speed kills."

According to the poll, 14% of motorists said they normally exceeded the 30mph speed limit on roads in a built up area. This rose to 17% outside urban zones, a quarter on dual carriageways and 40% on motorways.

Of those who acknowledged normally breaking the law, 85% did so by five miles per hour or more.

Ms Abbott added: "Because motorways are our safest roads there's a perception that it is safe to exceed the speed limit.

"This isn't the case and if we disregard the speed limit on the motorway there's every likelihood we will disregard the laws elsewhere."

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