Speeding offence courses considered

Speeding offence courses considered

The Conservatives have welcomed the Scottish Government's news that it is considering educational courses as an alternative to prosecution for drivers caught just over the speed limit.

Margaret Mitchell, justice spokeswoman for the Scottish Tories, has urged Holyrood ministers to consider using speed awareness courses for speeding offences at the lower end of the scale, as currently happens in England and Wales.

Transport minister Derek Mackay told Ms Mitchell that the Scottish Government is looking into whether speed awareness courses would be appropriate for use in Scotland.

Mr Mackay said driver education can already be used instead of prosecution in some cases - citing one-day Driver Alertness and Ride courses for car drivers and motorcyclist respectively.

In response, Ms Mitchell said that sending drivers on speed awareness courses would be a "more effective alternative to points and a hefty fine".

The Tory MSP also pointed out that such a move would go some way towards improving road safety by promoting better driving among motorists who had been caught speeding.

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