Speeding drivers face 'kids' court'

Motorists spotted speeding past a primary school have been humbled by a "kids' court" examining their actions.

Nine drivers were caught exceeding the 30mph limit during a three-hour period outside Greasby Junior School in Wirral, Merseyside.

They were given the choice of either accepting fines and points on their licence, or standing in front of children from the school to discuss their behaviour.

Six of them decided to appear at the school, while the remaining three motorists were prosecuted and received a £60 fine and three penalty points.

At a time when car insurance premiums are rising, it is easy to see why most opted to avoid the fine, but they soon found out that they had chosen the most upsetting alternative.

A Wirral Borough Council spokesman revealed that one of the drivers was even "reduced to tears" after the meeting highlighted the potential consequences of their speeding.

Wirral Council's road safety team and Merseyside Police joined forces to run the scheme, which was timed to coincide with Road Safety Week.

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