Speeding cop escapes punishment

A policeman who exceeded the speed limit as he rushed home to get to his ill son has not been punished, a solicitor has said.

Northumbria police officer Christopher Walker was pulled over after driving at 68mph in a 30mph zone shortly after midnight on March 16 and he was issued with a penalty notice.

Mr Walker's solicitor Geoffrey Forrester said that his client had received an urgent phone call from his wife to say that she needed him to come home immediately because the couple's son Charlie was seriously ill.

Since his birth Mr Walker's son had suffered with various medical problems and in particular in his first few days had eating problems, weaknesses and severe jaundice.

On his way home to Boldon, South Tyneside, 40-year-old Mr Walker was stopped by PC Sean Garwood on the A184 at Whitemare Pool for exceeding the speed limit.

The stretch of road usually has a 70mph speed limit but had temporarily been reduced to 30mph as roadworks were being carried out.

Mr Forrester said there was nobody working there at the time, it was late at night, there was no other traffic on the road and it was not a built-up area.

He also said Mr Walker explained the urgency of the situation to PC Garwood but was still delayed and issued with the ticket.

Mr Walker pleaded guilty to the offence of speeding and magistrates at South Shields decided on Tuesday he should not be punished.

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