'Speediest' drivers own black cars

Research has found that motorists who drive black cars are most likely to break speed limits.

A survey found that 25.4% of black-vehicle owners have speeding convictions and are 9% more likely than the average driver to have speeding points on their licences.

The next colour of car most likely to be found being driven over the limit were grey cars, with 25.1% of owners of these vehicles having speeding convictions.

Next on the list of "speediest" colours were silver, blue and brown.

The survey of 1.7 million drivers from insurer elephant.co.uk found that the owners of purple-coloured cars were least likely to have been caught exceeding speed limits, and owners of white, yellow and red cars also have fewer convictions.

The company's managing director, Brian Martin, said: "We wanted to know why it is that drivers of black and grey cars appear to have more of a propensity to speed so we looked into more detail at the cars on our books.

"We found it did not necessarily correlate that black and grey cars would have bigger engines, so evidently for drivers of these coloured cars, the temptation to break the speed limit is simply too great whatever their engine size."

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