'Speeders' see convictions quashed

Thousands of motorists have been given an early Christmas present with the news that they are to have their speeding convictions quashed because of a legal blunder.

Over the past eight months, 4,128 drivers have been wrongly prosecuted for speeding on the A5117 at Deeside Park, near Chester.

However, the legal order needed to enforce the speed limit had lapsed in April and was not renewed, Cheshire Police and the Highways Agency have admitted in a joint statement.

Superintendent Guy Hindle of Cheshire Police said: "We are not happy to progress with offences on this road which occurred between April 9 and December 17 this year.

"Anyone who committed a speeding offence between these dates on this section of road will be entitled to have the points removed from their licence and their fines returned.

"Police are currently identifying everyone affected and we will write to them in the new year informing them of how fines will be refunded and how any points on their licence will be removed."

Meanwhile, a new order has been introduced and the restricted speed limit of 40mph is back in place and being properly enforced.

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