Speed tool 'unaffected by radios'

Motorists caught speeding by detection equipment in Scotland will have to accept their convictions after the Home Office refuted claims that the devices were affected by police radio waves.

Road policing units across Scotland were told not to use the Vascar speed detection system until the claims had been looked into, and to find other ways of checking motorists.

It had been thought that the police radio system, called Airwave, could have triggered faults in the speed detectors. A lawyer had even warned that, if such fears were proved 1, many motorists caught speeding by Vascar could have their convictions overturned.

However, the Home Office scientific development branch has concluded that when guidelines are followed by officers there is no possibility of interference.

The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) said the equipment has been tested and operates properly, and has advised forces that it can be used as normal.

Vascar is a relatively basic speed measuring system operated manually by an officer in which two landmarks are selected, the distance between them is calculated and the time it takes for a vehicle to travel between the two sites is measured.

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