Speed-limiting cars get thumbs-up

Devices to prevent drivers breaking the speed limit should be introduced in Northern Ireland, a report has said.

Intelligent speed adoption would use technology linked to the engine and braking system to prevent the vehicle exceeding the speed limit.

However, the technology would be voluntary with the driver able to override the system.

The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) said the scheme would improve safety on the roads and reduce pollution.

The dossier said that if successful the scheme should be introduced for all government, public sector and public transport operators' vehicles.

If introduced, the scheme could lead to substantial reductions in speeding, the report added.

Jim Kitchen, head of the Commission in Northern Ireland, said: "Already, eco-driving technology can help motorists spend less at the pumps and reduce their emissions; better information can make using public transport easier, and video conferencing technology can help business travellers avoid some journeys altogether. It can help provide a better work-life balance, ensure we have more time with our families and as well as more productive working time."

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