Speed limiters opposed by majority

Speed limiters opposed by majority

British drivers are concerned that proposals being considered by the European Union (EU) to introduce Intelligent Speed Adaptations (ISAs) to new cars will be dangerous, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

A poll for the road safety charity found that three quarters of drivers oppose the technology that would be capable of detecting speed limits through cameras or satellites and automatically applying the brakes.

Some 78% of motorists oppose retrofitting ISA technology into older vehicles, while 57% believe that the technology will not have an impact on road safety.

However 67% of people surveyed said that they would support ISA technology if it acted as a warning system rather than taking control of the vehicle.

Just over half of respondents (52%) did think that ISAs would reduce the number of speeding convictions as well as saving money spent on traffic calming measures such as speed humps. A universal introduction of ISA may also lead to cheaper car insurance premiums.

Around a third of drivers (31%) believe that if the EU decides to push ahead with ISAs they should be restricted to younger drivers, newly qualified drivers or those with driving convictions.

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