Speed limit cuts 'would save lives'

Speed limit cuts 'would save lives'

Labour MSP Des McNulty has said the number of road accidents in Scotland can be reduced by cutting the speed limit on many roads to 50mph.

He told MSPs that speed limits should be reduced on all roads except motorways and dual carriageways.

Earlier, transport minister Stewart Stevenson suggested a move to reduce speed limit on roads. However, it was not included in the Government's Scottish Road Safety Framework in June, Mr McNulty said.

The Labour transport spokesman said: "The evidence suggests that a properly enforced speed limit of 50mph hour on all roads other than motorways and dual carriageways could have a dramatic impact on the numbers of people killed and seriously injured each year.

"If it were to be applied throughout Scotland it would be something that is relatively easy to put in place, cost-effective and would also contribute to reducing emissions. Unfortunately that proposal does not appear in the document."

There has also been "scant mention" in the Government document of a plan to use a 20mph speed limit, which the MSP argued could help make roads safer for children.

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