Speed camera statistics go online

Drivers caught out by speed cameras in Lancashire will see the details of their offences put on a website.

The county has 285 cameras waiting to detect speeding motorists and the results of their work appear on aLancashire Partnership for Road Safety website.

Anyone who logs on can see how many speeding offences have been snapped by the cameras and the fines that were generated. Any driving offence can also push upcar insurance premiums, further hitting speeding drivers' pockets.

The police will update the figures every year, with Lancashire County Council not involved in the scheme. The statistics also cover drivers who have faced court and those who chose to go on a speed awareness programme.

Nearly 50,000 drivers were caught speeding in 2010, the camera data shows, and 21,809 of them were handed fines.

Lancashire Police Assistant Chief Constable Andy Rhodes chairs the region's Partnership for Road Safety. He said the authorities want to cut the number of people hurt or killed in road accidents and will keep using speed cameras to help with that mission.

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