Speed alert for motorsport fans

Fans driving to and from Brands Hatch for the penultimate round of the British Touring Car Championship this weekend will be greeted by a wide range of speed regulation measures.

According to RoadPilot, Europe's leading provider of GPS speed camera location data, more than 60 active speed cameras will be installed within a 10 mile radius of the circuit as part of measures to regulate the flow of cars heading off to Brands Hatch.

Drivers can benefit from RoadPilot Mobile, a GPS speed camera alert application for smartphones that provides the right sort of tips regarding the traffic rules.

The app, which is currently available for users on a free trial basis, incorporates the firm's comprehensive Omni database of fixed and mobile speed camera locations.

Taking into account the potential intensity of traffic over the weekend, motorists are also advised to grab a goodbreakdown cover that will take care of the hardships they are likely to confront on their way to the race circuit.

RoadPilot boss James Flynn said: "Motorsport fans driving on unfamiliar roads and fuelled with the excitement of a day's racing may find it all too easy to creep over the speed limit.

"RoadPilot Mobile alerts drivers to all fixed and mobile speed camera sites and makes them better aware of local limits, helping to ensure the only excess speeds are seen on the track."

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