South coast braced for more floods

South coast braced for more floods

Two new weather systems are bringing further strong winds, heavy rain and flooding misery to the south of the country, according to forecasters.

Severe flood warnings, which indicate danger to life, are still in place in the stricken Somerset Levels; one for the Salt Moor and North Moor and another on the A361 between east Lyng and Burrowbridge.

It is thought that heavy rain could force many more people in the Somerset Levels to leave their homes. Drivers are advised to steer clear of deep floodwater to avoidbecoming stranded .

The latest weather system hit southern England and Wales at around 6am and forecasters predicted that as much as 1.6 inches of rain could fall on some south coast areas on Thursday.

Salisbury Plain, South Downs and North Downs are among the places expected to see the most rainfall and residents there have been issued an amber warning by the Environment Agency and told to be prepared for flooding.

Yellow warnings are in place across the rest of southern England and Wales, which states members of the public should be aware of possible flooding.

Winds of up to 40mph are predicted at the south coast and that could mean dangerously high waves causing more damage to coastal defences.

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