Soaring petrol costs force changes

Motorists are voicing concerns that petrol could soon hit £1.50 per litre, according to industry experts.

The new research, carried out by British Car Auctions (BCA), shows that UK motorists are being forced into dramatically altering the way they use their vehicles because of the rapidly rising price of fuel.

Against the backdrop of a Budget aimed at helping the UK's pinched population deal with soaring living costs, fuel prices remain a controversial topic. The latest figures from the Fuel Retailers Association show that petrol rose to within 3p of £1.40 per litre last month, while the price of a litre of diesel climbed to almost £1.45.

According to BCA's new study, which questioned 4,000 UK drivers on how they are intending to cope with rising fuel costs, one in four said they would be forced to change their pattern of driving if petrol prices hit £1.40 per litre, while a further 22% said they would start looking for a different car.

Fuel prices have also become one of the leading factors in the way people choose their next car, with 27% of all prospective vehicle buyers putting excellent fuel economy at the top of their list of priorities.

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