Soaring fuel costs mean fewer trips

Since petrol hit £1-a-litre mark nearly two in five motorists have reduced their number of journeys, a survey has found.

And nearly three quarters of drivers blame the Government for the huge hike in fuel prices, according to the survey of 31,600 motorists by Auto Trader.

Nearly half of drivers would consider switching to an alternatively-fuelled model if pump prices were 120-160p a litre.

Among diesel drivers, one fifth plan to switch now that diesel is between 120p and 140p, while 10% would look to switch if prices reached 140p-160p.

Ten per cent of drivers would wait for fuel to reach £2 a litre before opting for an alternatively-fuelled vehicle.

But nearly half of owners of petrol-fuelled cars would not change their vehicle and go on public transport even if the £2 barrier was breached.

Nearly 80% of drivers reckoned a fair price for petrol was between 60p and £1 a litre, while 75% thought an ideal diesel price was 60p to £1.

Nearly four in five drivers were prepared to travel to get the cheapest fuel, with half willing to go up to five miles to get the best deal.

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