Snowfall causes more travel chaos

Fresh snowfall continues to blanket roads in the UK , causing renewed travel misery.

The heavy snowfall has moved south to the home counties and London, after striking Scotland and the north of England, disrupting roads, trains and air travel.

With the bad weather sweeping south overnight, many roads in the Home Counties were badly hit by snow.

The Highways Agency warned drivers to avoid the A3 and the A3(M) in Hampshire and Surrey. Hundreds of drivers were stuck on the A3 in Hampshire overnight.

Hampshire Police said that an elderly man died after his car went out of control on an icy road in Titchfield last night.

Sections of a number of major roads were closed today, including the A628 in Derbyshire, the A616 in South Yorkshire, the M1 in South Yorkshire, the A66 in Cumbria, the A27 in Hampshire, the A3 in Surrey and the M40 in Oxfordshire.

Grit supplies have nearly run out in West Berkshire, where some areas have had more than 11in (28cm) of snow.

In north west London, Harrow Council said it had only 650 tonnes of salt left - enough for four days at the heaviest rate of spreading or more than a fortnight at a lighter rate.

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