'Snowball effect' of drink driving

'Snowball effect' of drink driving

The potentially disastrous consequences of drink driving are known to all, and being caught by police can have a lasting effect on your life, according to a new campaign.

The Government's THINK! campaign wants people to consider the 'snowball effect' a drink driving conviction can have - even years after the offence takes place.

As well as the inconvenience of losing your licence and receiving increasedcar insurance premium quotes when you get it back, there are potentially even more serious consequences.

Millions of people in a variety of roles could be sacked if they are unable to drive to, or at, work through being caught drinking and driving, according to the campaign.

Those who drive as part of their job are particularly at risk, but anyone with a conviction could find it counts against them when they look for a new job which is eligible for criminal records checks.

A wide variety of roles require such checks, including professional driving jobs, teachers, care workers and jobs in finance.

An employer is entitled to ask to see unspent criminal convictions and research suggests that three-quarters would take a conviction into account during the recruitment process.

Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said: "Just one drink can put you over the limit and the consequences are devastating.

"Not only will you be cuffed and put in a cell, but if you're convicted you will lose your licence and, as this research shows, you could even lose your job."

RAC technical director David Bizley added: "All motorists need to consider the consequences of getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, particularly at Christmas which is a time to spend at home with family and friends, and not in an accident and emergency department or a prison cell.

"Drink drivers are not just a danger to themselves they are a danger to every other road user and their passengers."

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