Snow change for many drivers: poll

When snow and ice descends upon Britain, driving conditions become very tricky.

However, many drivers say they won't change the way they drive to account for this.

The Manheim Auctions poll of 3,000 people found that some felt happy about their ability to drive whether it was snowing or sunny.

Three-quarters of those polled in Northern Ireland said they'd be driving as normal, while two-fifths of those in East Anglia said they had no worries about driving in snow.

Perhaps more worrying is the number of novice winter drivers who will not be adapting their technique even though they have little snow-driving experience to call upon.

It is the claims of these drivers that will make people pleased they have decent car insurance cover to protect them amid unforeseen circumstances.

Some 60% of those polled in Wales said they hadn't driven in snow before, with two-fifths in London and around the same amount in Yorkshire.

"While it is good news that so many motorists have the confidence to drive in wintry conditions, driving in snow should not be underestimated as not only should you take extra care yourself but you should also be more aware of what is going on around you," said Craig Mailey, marketing director, Manheim Auctions.

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