Smooth driving wins the fuel race

Smooth driving wins the fuel race

Driving no faster than 60mph will only add around two minutes to an average journey but could reduce fuel consumption 10%, new research has found.

From analysis of 10,000 journeys, DriveGain found that staying at 60mph or slower produced a significant cut in fuel use without significantly increasing journey times.

With car insurance , high petrol prices and other costs to consider, drivers keen to maximise efficiency should drive at a steady speed rather than frequently accelerating fast and then braking to slow down behind other traffic.

The data came from DriveGain's application, which uses an iPhone's GPS to work out if a vehicle is being driven efficiently.

It takes into account information on the type of vehicle, acceleration, speed and driving smoothness, and provides feedback to drivers on how they can reduce fuel use.

Simon East, chief executive officer of DriveGain, said: "Drivers are wasting a lot of fuel for very little difference in their arrival times.

"We find drivers tend to over-estimate how much quicker they will arrive when driving faster.

"Unless the roads are totally clear, other traffic on your route will tend to slow you down considerably."

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