Smoking in car reduces sale value

Regular smoking in cars could reduce their second-hand values, a study by an online marketing specialist has warned motorists, vehicle dealers and fleet operators.

Autorola explained that a car driven by an active smoker can lose between £250-£500 off its price, depending on the model.

Chief executive of Autorola Peter Grøftehauge said: "The impact of smoking can impact residuals, particularly on the larger higher specified executive cars, to the point that it may not find a buyer if it hasn't been thoroughly valeted."

According to Peter Grøftehauge, an extensive interior clean-up from a professional automotive car cleaner can really prove helpful, though it is unlikely to get rid of the smoking smell fully.

He added: "This clean may cost you in the region of £150, but should help ensure it attracts interest from buyers in the first instance, and will ultimately help achieve a better price for the car."

Owners planning to buy a second-hand car might also want to have a comprehensivebreakdown cover in place to avoid any untoward situation.

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