Smokers back lighting up in car ban

Smokers back lighting up in car ban

A law banning lighting up in cars containing children would receive the backing of more than half of those who smoke, a new poll suggests.

The Auto Trader survey of 1,000 smokers who drive found that 55% would support the legislation that could be in place later this year. Just over a fifth of the poll participants (21%) were undecided over the proposals, while just less than a quarter (24%) came out against the idea.

Around a half of the respondents (47%) admitted they smoked when other people were in cars with them and 9% said they did so with children present. Those who do smoke an average 1.2 cigarettes in each trip and two in five (41%) throw cigarette butts out of the window.

More than half (56%) light cigarettes both before and while driving, with 24% admitting to taking their eyes off the road to light or extinguish a cigarette and 6% even admitting that they have temporarily lost control of the vehicle because they were smoking.

Not only does smoking act as a distraction to drivers, it also affects the re-sale value of their cars, according to Auto Trader editor-in-chief Jon Quirk.

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