'Smiths' little changed in decade

A study has revealed the average Briton has change little over the last 10 years as people clamour for "middle-of-the-road respectability".

The study found the most popular place to live is at The Cottage on the High Street and the residents are likely to have two cars parked on the drive with one being a Ford Fiesta.

In addition, Mr and Mrs Smith - the most common name - don't smoke and about half get up for work between 6am and 7am, before commuting by car.

David Tyers, director of marketing at Aviva, which carried out the study, said certain things had changed very little.

"In some ways it's comforting to know that over the past decade some things have remained very much the same."

A parallel study by market researchers OnePoll also found the conventional couple valued prized possessions at £28,000 and most claims - 50% - were for accidental damage, costing on average more than £350.

Women claimed marginally more often than men, roughly every 8.5 years as opposed to every nine, and most claims were for electronic equipment.

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