Smells put drivers off car parks

A third of motorists are put off using car parks because of their smell, a survey has revealed.

Car park company NCP now plans to use new technology to create nice smells for people using the stairways in some of its multi-stories.

Drivers in London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff will be greeted by the smell of roses, cut grass or freshly-baked bread as they enter the stairwells.

A total of 2,000 people were questioned and two in three said the worst part of car parks, in terms of smell, were the stairwells, and one in three linked these areas with the stench of urine.

Flowers came out as the top scent people would like to smell, then mint, cut grass, freshly-baked bread and finally fresh fruit. Other favourite scents were coffee, bubblegum and petrol.

Andrew Potter, NCP chief executive, said: "We are committed to offering our customers a pleasant and positive experience in our car parks and we fully recognise that unpleasant smells could drive customers away.

"As such, by introducing pleasant smells, we are following through on our commitment to improving the customer experience and providing greater value for money."

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