Smart steering could save lives

Smart steering could save lives

It's a poser which has left technical gurus baffled for decades: how can we come up with a driving system to prevent jerky steering?

Now, thanks to sleuths at Chalmers University of Technology, the mystery has been solved - with the capability for development of new safety systems that alter dangerous steering before it can cause terrible consequences.

Ola Benderius, of Chalmers, says it is possible to model how drivers are going to behave, and this could predict how far the wheel is going to be turned to the left or right.

He said that several applications for car support systems could be developed to make vehicles safer, including safety measures to assess how tired a driver is, or smarter mechanisms to take cars out of a skid.

To illustrate the former scenario, a driver suddenly waking up would carry out a large movement to correct the direction of the car. Support systems could quickly step in, having assessed how large the movement would be, which could cut the risk of serious accidents.

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