Smart parking 'can cut stress'

Smart parking 'can cut stress'

Congestion in cities can be greatly reduced by smart parking, according to a new academic study.

The difficulties faced by the modern urban driver, such as health issues related to higher stress levels, could be alleviated by making parking easier, Dr Therese Cory said.

Her research concluded that smart parking systems which help drivers find spaces are a vital way of cutting stress and congestion, as drivers will not spend quite so much time looking for somewhere to park.

Birmingham and London were part of her study of several European cities. It examined how smartphone apps could cut the time spent searching for parking bays, as well as reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Dr Cory said that while road systems are vital for commercial and business activities, parking has become a massive problem. Although early smart parking apps on phones had a novelty value, they are "just the start" when it comes to helping drivers claw back time and cut waste.

She concluded: "We can learn from these relatively circumscribed smart parking initiatives to shape future, larger scale smart city projects to drive further productivity and prosperity."

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