Small cars set for Frankfurt debut

Three new cars are being introduced on to the market aimed at motorists looking to save costs.

The VW Up, Mercedes B-Class and BMW's electric i3 will appeal to drivers looking for a smaller car, ideal for city living.

The cars will go on show at this year's 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt, where the number of exhibitors has doubled since last year.

Some 781 car markers exhibited at last year's event, while 1,007 are set to show off their latest offerings this year.

Confidence among the manufacturers seems high, with Audi going as far as splashing out for their own test track at the event.

With the cost of petrol and car insurance soaring, many motorists will no doubt be considering downsizing when looking to buy their next motor. And although second cars may be a cheaper option, it is less likely that breakdown cover will be needed with a new car.

The show kicks off on September 13 and is on until the 25th.

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