Slight fall in drink drivers caught

Slight fall in drink drivers caught

Drink-driving is an offence which could not only cause yourcar insurance premiums to rise but there is also a risk of being banned for driving for life.

The most recent crackdown figures have shown that the number of people caught drink-driving in Scotland has decreased since last year.

The Association of Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) runs a drink-driving campaign every year and the results from this summer have proved better than last year's.

A total of 111 motorists were caught driving whilst over the limit, with three unfit through alcohol and five unfit through drugs.

The area with the most number of drivers caught was in Strathclyde where the police pulled over 44 out of the 111.

Last year, a total of 116 people were caught and 15 vehicles were taken by the courts and not returned to the drivers.

Chief Superintendent Derek Robertson, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "The figures are marginally down on this time last year and that is refreshing to note. We welcome that trend and it is good to see that the number of people caught for driving whilst unfit through drugs has decreased by 60%."

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