Skoda tops 200mph at Bonneville

Skoda's Octavia vRS - built in the UK to mark the 10th anniversary of the flagship vRS performance badge - has pushed its way past the 200mph barrier at the Bonneville Speed Week in the US, four days ahead of schedule.

The 500bhp 'salt spec' challenger succeeded in reaching an impressive 202.15mph on the salt flats of Utah.

The car's standard engine was not changed, but came with a larger turbo built by specialists Garrett.

The Octavia vRS also ran on high-octane race fuel instead of unleaded fuel.

The car came with a reinforced roll cage, a parachute brake, fire extinguishers and a window cage.

Robert Hazelwood, director for Skoda UK, said: "Months of rigorous planning, testing and preparation have all been worthwhile. At 13:24 on Monday August 15, we took our Octavia vRS past the 200 mph barrier. The entire team has done an outstanding job. Our special thanks go to Richard on an incredible drive."

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