Skoda Superb named Car of the Year

The new Skoda Superb model has been named Car of the Year in eight European countries including its homeland Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The luxury saloon was unveiled at last year's Geneva Motor Show and has enjoyed huge popularity since as drivers opt for a more economical saloon with a not-so-luxurious price tag.

Skoda's new Superb model has also been honoured by Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Ukraine, all naming it Car of the Year.

The new prizes add to an already impressive collection of awards ranging from technical awards for its clever, split-folding saloon and hatch rear door and environmental plaudits for the Greenline variant.

It now has been given 30 honours, including the Superb Best Gadget for its innovative, easy to use, Parking Assistant at Sky Motoring's annual awards.

Since the car went on sale in late 2008 it has sold more 20,000 units and has recently been launched in India.

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