Skoda logo celebrates 85th birthday

Skoda has celebrated a big birthday, marking the delivery of its very first luxurious vehicle to Czechoslovak president Tomas Masaryk 85 years ago.

The vehicle with the famous winged arrow logo came off the production line in Mlada Boleslav on May 10, 1926.

Only 100 units of the luxury sedan were built during the three years of production until 1929.

The car manufacturer from Pilsen had already purchased the licence from Spanish company Hispano-Suiza in 1924, a year before the merger with the automobile factory of Laurin & Klement, to produce the luxurious vehicles.

Each single Skoda Hispano Suiza 25/100 PS sold was unique as they were built according to customer requirements.

Weighing 2,700 kilograms, the car was able to attain a top speed of 86 mph.

Despite the carmaker shedding its previous image of being dull and lacklustre, and impressing the car world with its style and reliability, it is still always wise to take outbreakdown cover.

Prices started at £6,785 and were considerably higher than the prices of other vehicles available on the market at the time.

Depending on the equipment level, prices rose to £8,928. In comparison, the smaller Skoda 422 at the time cost £1,360, and the Skoda 860 was £4,200.

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