Skiers to tread carefully in Europe

Skiers to tread carefully in Europe

British skiers and snowboarders could also find their holiday funds going downhill fast if they get an on-the-spot fine for defective tyres.

That is the warning from a leading tyre specialist, which has been issued due to the growing UK exodus to the European slopes.

It is usual for several European drivers to have two sets of tyres.

For example, drivers in Germany have been legally obliged since 2006 to fit winter tyres to cope with the exceptionally cold weather conditions, including ice and snow.

So British skiers driving there face on-the-spot fines if their vehicle becomes stuck in snow or ice because their tyres are not suited to the winter weather.

There has been a rise in the sale of winter tyres in the UK, said Micheldever Tyre Services/Protyre.

But the majority of vehicles in the UK are fitted with summer tyres throughout the calendar year.

Micheldever Tyre Services and Protyre advised that skiers who commonly visit Alpine ski resorts should consider investing in cold weather tyres.

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