Size matters for women drivers

Although the cost of running a car is high on the agenda for two thirds of British drivers, only a quarter want a car that offers better fuel economy.

And size matters more to women, with 17% saying that their next car would be bigger, compared with 15% of men. Meanwhile, more young drivers favour bigger cars than do the elderly.

According to a recent survey by Experian, the global information services company, only 18% say they would consider a smaller, more economical motor despite more choice in the sector.

Meanwhile, 17% of Greater Londoners put performance ahead of economy compared with 14% of motorists in the East Midlands and 12% in the West Midlands.

Said Experian boss Kirk Fletcher: "Concerns about running costs are certainly driving changes in the industry and causing consumers to be more cautious. But even in a downturn, there is still a reluctance to downgrade.

"And because most drivers feel they are already driving cars they can afford to run, so their preference would be to buy a similar type of car. Some are even planning to upgrade."

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